I am able to give online readings to you if you are unable to come to my tea room. Skype, Facetime, Messenger,


Email – you simply go through the steps BELOW then send me 4 photos of your cup. I will look at the cup and then send you a written reading.

If the following steps seem to complicated simply contact me and I will go through each step with you.


Send me an e-mail or call (250) 208-1545 and book an appointment.

Then you need to:

1. You will first choose a cup.

2. Next you may choose a LOOSE tea.

3. Pup 1/2 teaspoon of tea your cup and pore boiling water over it.

4. While drinking your tea, you can think of the events happening in your life, any questions, concerns, wishes or fears. leave only 1 tsp worth of liquid in your cup.

5. At this point you may call me if you want a hand.

6. When you only have the smallest amount of liquid left (only 1/2 tsp) swirl the leaves clockwise around the cup three times, turn the cup upside down onto the saucer. Then turn your cup upright.

7. I will look at the images formed by the leaves and give you my interpretation. We can also look at the leaves together to see what images you might see. This intuitive and creative process can open you up to your own intuition and psychic abilities.